4 Mistakes To Avoid When Texting A Girl You Like

How to text a girlLike it or not, this is the 21st century and texting/online chatting skill is just as important if not more so than real-life game. And let me tell you this is key stuff! You have to be savvy with texting game.

However possibly the most important thing is knowing what NOT to say and do in text conversations. Many of us are smart and funny and flirty when we’re given the advantage of having time to think about what to say… but we also can be our own worst enemy in such situations, unintentionally scaring her off or boring her.

Assuming she’s way into you

Just because she handed over her number doesn’t necessarily mean she’s sold on you yet. And you better believe you’re not the only guy texting her. Don’t make the common mistake of thinking she’s paying attention exclusively to you, and while if she gave you her number you can assume you have a chance, don’t assume you’re “in”. Think of texting as auditioning.

Texting too much

You’ve been texting all day, that’s a good sign, right? Yes and no. You’re apparently keeping her interest, but by keeping a conversation going for a long timetext flirting you’re offering too much of yourself, not allowing you to potentially desire you in your absence. In other words, just give her a taste.

This is another realm where “less is more”. Never waste a text! Ask yourself: “Will this text bring this girl closer to me?” If the answer is no, then don’t send that text. If yes, follow up with this question: “Can I say this simpler?” If the answer is yes, do it.

Bad spelling and punctuation

“Bad” doesn’t only mean improper – u dotn want 2 tlk liek dis – but also don’t be “over-correct”. Writing every text with the same level of spelling and punctuation you’d put in a college thesis is like wearing a $900 suit to a dinner/movie date.

Not being fun

Your texts should be simple, but they should of course not be boring. In the absence of your physical presence you need to pack in as much personality in your texts as you can. Unless she’s convinced that you are FUN she’s not going want to see you in real life. She just won’t. So sending boring texts that don’t show your personality or don’t elicit a reaction from her is putting yourself on her mental ignore list.

Some examples of un-fun texts:
•“Hello. It was good to meet you this evening.” This is good if you want to put her to sleep.
•“Did you get my last text?” You’re pressuring her to continue the conversation, thereby coming across as needy. You have such an amazing interesting life that you don’t need to talk to her, remember?
•“Just wanted to say hi” Don’t badger her, and don’t initiate a conversation unless you actually have something to say. Let the conversation breathe.

Some examples of better texts:
•“Thinking about _____” Don’t necessarily phrase it this way, but make a reference something memorable/fun that the two of you did or saw or talked about. This will trigger a little bit of the same feeling she had all over again.
•“Found this great place today for ______, you should check it out.” Be it a restaurant, park, or whatever. This shows that you have a life and you go out and discover things. Plus you’re planting the image of both of you going there.